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Greece is a beautiful country that has always been famous for its scholars, mathematicians and
philosophers. The education system in Greece still reflects this, as it is one of the best in the World. There
are two sectors in Greek Higher Education – the University sector and the Technological sector.
Engineering Study in Greece is excellent and Greece produces some of the best technocrats of the world.
Medicine is the only course with a six-year duration others last for four years.
Living expense in Greece is considerably less and rooms as well as apartments can be rented easily and
without much hustle. Universities’ have room and board facilities and help to accommodate the
International students to find the affordable options in good neighborhoods.
Anyone in Greece will be surrounded by the wonders of the world and will have a rich history to witness.
Greek people are known for the warmth and welcoming nature. A vast majority of the Greek speaks fluent
English. Studying in Greece will be a great decision professionally for any student.

 History- Hellenic American University :


Hellenic American University is an American university that is chartered in the state of New
Hampshire in Nashua. It was established as a United States institution of higher education on
May 11, 2004.

Accreditation : 

Hellenic American University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and
Colleges (NEASC) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.
NEASC is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization, which connects and serves
over 1500 public, independent, and international schools in the US and worldwide.


“Student will be awarded American Degree after program completion from Hellenic American University, Greece or USA. American education ranking is number 1 in the

  • Greece education ranking in the world: 33 (As against Indian education global ranking: 119)
  • Hellenic American University Ranking in Greece: 63
  • Hellenic American University Ranking in Europe: 502  

Current Recruiting Partners of Hellenic American University:

The major industries in Greece are Tourism, Information Technology, Shipping, Industrial Products, Banking, Food and Beverages, Textiles, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Metal products, Mining and Petroleum. Hellenic American University support students in getting placement at some of the most prestigious organization world wide.






 Cyprus is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean, at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Since the dawn of history, Cyprus has been one of the most interesting areas of the region, with a rich and visible cultural history. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, along with Crusaders, Byzantines, Franks and Ottomans have all left a powerful legacy for the modern visitor to see and admire.

Cyprus is endowed with golden beaches, virgin green forests and other natural wonders. The environment is one of the healthiest in the world, free from pollution and the other ill-effects of industrialized countries. Crime is almost non-existent and the Cypriot people are famous for the warm and friendly welcome they extend to visitors.

Like Singapore and Hong Kong, Cyprus is an important financial and business center, with over 70% of the economy focused on services. The main industries in Cyprus are financial and professional services, banking, investment management, shipping, tourism and real estate.

We are offering course Bachelor in Hotel Management from Cyprus. There are huge vacancies for this stream.

Salient features:

1. Easy to get Visa ( Approx 100% Visa success rate)

2. Paid practical after six months

3. Student will get scholarship from 2nd year

4.  Part time job available.

5. Budgeted accommodation  

                                                And Many more........

We are providing following services:

1. Counseling and course selection / Student Profile Analysis

2. Course/University Selection & Admission Assistance

3. Application and admission process

4. Financial guidance

5. Visa application

6. Pre-departure preparation and orientation

7. After Arrival Assistance

Airport pick up and accommodation arrangement (We find the best accommodation meeting your budget)




Reasons for studying in USA

1. High quality of Education

2. Wide range of Programs

3. Flexible course structure / Experiential Learning

4. Scholarships

5. Work with study

6. Career Opportunities  / Global Employment Prospects

Services we are providing

1. Application filling and review assistance / Profiling

2. Program and university selection assistance

3. Standard test preparation

4. Visa apply Assistance

5. Pre Departure Assistance

6. Education Loan assistance

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